Journal Exercise: What three aspects the conversation can you identify that you think are practical and effective to move forward in creating or refining your classroom based instruction?  Thinking through and writing down obstacles helps to create strategies and solutions. 

Welcome to the eHistory 101 Self Paced Web Workshop – Teaching Slavery Using Web 2.0 Tools.  At the end of the four modules, in approximately three hours, you will:

  • Compare Web 2.0 tools.

  • Summarize Web 2.0 and Web 2.0 tool usage.

  • Assess the most effective Web 2.0 tools for your lesson plan.

  • Locate three appropriate Web 2.0 tools to integrate into your original slavery lesson plan.

  • Format your plan to share with colleagues through the Pennsylvania Standard Aligned System Website and Google Drive.

Goals and Objectives
The goal of the Teaching Slavery Using Web 2.0 Tools Web Workshop is two fold: Provide a time efficient and cost effective way to strengthen the technology competencies of educators and students, and to enhance and increase the teaching of historical slavery throughout the Commonwealth (and beyond).


Preparation is essential to your successful completion of the web workshop. There are additional  resources  linked in the navigation below. Watch the intro video and do the journal exercise.  When ready, continue with your PREP which will include how to set up your journal in Google Drive (Docs).

Materials Required for Training 

An original  K - 12  lesson plan for teaching US Slavery

Continue your PREP is a project designed to empower educators and homeschooling parents with free web based tools for teaching historical slavery. Resources are aligned to standards as outlined by the Pennsylvania Standards Aligned System for social studies and history, and the national technology standards for K through 12 education.