Blogging in the Classroom

Journal Exercises: List three ways you could use blogging with your lesson. List three ways you could use blogging within your class. How would you address potential bullying by students?

Teachers have used blogging in many different ways for a number of years. Blogging can be a powerful tool to help student reflect and respond to material thus impacting critical thinking and communication skills. Explore Edublog and some of the ways classes are using the tool.   WordPress for educators is another tool for blogging. Cut and paste some of your journal or type out your thoughts about this project to test your blogging skills and determine whether you want your students to use this tool. In turn, you could have students use Google Docs as a way to journal and Blogger, another Google product available to you. Open a free personal account at Wordpress. For free images to experiment with Web 2.0 tools, use or Create a test blog.  You may want to read Blog Basics Single - Copyright and Fair Use and share with your students. When ready,  reflect in your journal and then move on to the next Web 2.0 tool - Video. ​

​​​​Journal entry: Create a list of effective and ineffective attributes that you identify within each blogging tool that you explore. What could you forewarn your students about when they complete your assignment creating a blog?


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WEB 2.0 completion approx: 1 hour or longer

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