Integrating Web 2.0 Into the Lesson Plan

Choosing the appropriate Web 2.0 tool may seem overwhelming with so many exciting offerings to use and share with your students. Use this Web 2.0 tool  as a rubric. Modify as you see fit.  Use this resource to help create a learning style criteria to analyze the Web 2.0 tools you think appropriate to integrate into your lesson plan.  Here are three tips for writing  mesurable objectivesTake your time and puzzle through your choices and integrate the tools you discovered. Review your journal. When ready move to the next  module - SHARE.

Journal: Take note of the tools that may not work with your current lesson plan, but could work with one in the future. Write any other thoughts that come to you as you interact with each tool.  How does the tool support the learning goals of your plan?

Journal Exercise: List three critical things to remember about Web 2.0 as a learner and educator.

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INTEGRATING completion approx: 1 hour or longer