Pennsylvania Standards Aligned System Website

 The Pennsylvania Standard Aligned System Website (PA SAS) will be used to format and submit your lesson plan to share with your colleagues.  If you do not have an account,  create one by following the directions in the three minute video. You will need to be an affiliate (teacher or student) of a university or a K-12 school within Pennsylvania.  If you are not affiliated, you can still participate in the workshop. Just follow the directions for sharing on Google Drive. 

At the PA SAS Website, print out the following PDF files from "Teacher Tools."

  • Quality Review Process

  • Lesson Plan Template

  • Web-Based Resource Template

You will need these PDF documents printed to easily refer to as you format your lesson plan and prepare it for integration of Web 2.0 tools.

​Be sure to always save your work when working on the PA SAS. Review in “preview” and save to your ePortfolio. You will be able to come back and work on your lesson plan until you are ready to submit and then download for publishing on Google Drive.  Once you have formatted your plan or think you are ready to learn about Web 2.0 tools, you are ready for the next module WEB 2.0. You can log out of the PA SAS. We will return to it later when ready to submit.

You will have to repeat this process to submit a Web resource to the system.


You are in PREP, next module  WEB 2.0

PREP completion approx: 1/2 hour