Prezi in the Classroom

Journal Exercise: How can you use Prezi with your lesson plan? Do you think your students will benefit from creating slavery related projects using Prezi?

Prezi is a presentation tool that many schools and business are using to share information. Once you watch the five minute video, explore ​examples​ of how students have used Prezi in the classroom about the topic of slavery and think about your students and how they may benefit from creating assignments through this tool.  For free images to experiment with Web 2.0 tools, use or Open a Prezi account and create a test Prezi. Reflect in your journal and then move on to the next module - INTEGRATING. ​

Journal: Create a list of effective and ineffective attributes that you identify within each Prezi that you watch. What could you forewarn your students about when they complete your assignment  using Prezi?



You are in WEB 2.0, next module   INTEGRATING
​    WEB 2.0 completion approx: 1 hour or longer



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