WEB 2.0 in the Classroom


Journal Exercise: List three benefits for the educator and three for the student.

On the PA SAS website, "Teacher Tools" are Web 2.0 tools that allow you to share your lesson plan with colleagues across the Commonwealth. Google Drive is a Web 2.0 tool that you are using to journal and share your lesson plan with the world. Now you will explore several leading Web 2.0 tools and how they are being used in the classroom to podcast, blog, create video and dynamic presentations. You will be able to create your own test projects using Web 2.0 tools from each of these areas. In addition to the tools linked below, you are encouraged to locate more by using a search engine of choice and entering the search term "Top Web 2.0 tools in Education."  Once you are ready,  click  the Podcast link below.

Journal: Copy and paste all Web 2.0 tool links that you may want to use. Be sure to capture your ideas, frustrations and discoveries when using each tool.​


Podcast     Blog      Video      Prezi

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WEB 2.0 completion approx: 1 hour or longer