Video in the Classroom


Journal Exercise: List three security measures you can use in YouTube to secure content and student usage. Would you create your own YouTube channel? Would you use GoAnimate?

Educators have been using video in classrooms before the Internet, but with the invention of YouTube for Education and other Web 2.0 broadcasting tools, the ability to create and share video content is easier now more than ever.  Explore Youtube for Education and GoAnimate that allows users to create engaging videos without using a video camera.  Your Gmail account is the key to a personal YouTube account.   For free images to experiment with Web 2.0 tools, use or Once you have created a test video, reflect in your journal and then move on to the next Web 2.0 tool - Prezi. ​

Journal: Create a list of effective and ineffective attributes that you identify within each YouTube and GoAnimate video that you watch. What could you forewarn your students about when they complete your assignment  using YouTube, GoAnimate or video?


​            You are in WEB 2.0, next module ​INTEGRATING
                WEB 2.0 completion approx: 1 hour or longer

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